Friday, August 26, 2011


Hurricane Irene proves that Abaco once again survives what it is dealt, Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned and respected, so happy everyone is OK! Sail, Sail away.........


Anonymous said...

We are so happy. Tia and I were very nervous as we watched the path.
See you in March!
Chuck & tia

Roger J. said...

Mark and Patti--loved the pic of Nick Pic in his slicker--we watched the news as Irene like floyd and dennis before seemed to like pooping abacos.

We figure you guys would be all right--you are tough bastards.

I teach my first class at the U of Memphis monday nite and then Kay and I are off to Hungary for a 12 day vacation--yeah--seemed like a good idea at the time--no one speaks english and we havent got a clue to hungarian--not sure I can even order a beer.

Glad Irene passed you by without major damage--our best to the Lubbers quarter crew and wish you all well--will be back next spring.

Hugs etc--Kay and Roger

Roger J. said...

Hey Mark and Patti--Kay and Roger here--trying to post on your blog but apparently without much success--appreciate the fine work both of you do to preserve a bit heaven--we are off to Hungary (yeah, really, but alas without capt sarah)--back mid september

glad you survived yet another hurricane--you conchs are damn tough.

hope things are going well and we look forward to seeing you next spring

Kay and Roger

Roger J. said...

Patti--assume you guys are OK--sounds like it

I am guessing you dont check your blog too often :)

we look forward to seeing you again next spring

Kay and Roger